The Raising up of the Hidden Apostolic Leaders

How To Become a Member of God's Elite Apostles and Prophets

God is in the process of restoring to the Church the highest ministry offices of Prophet and Apostle. But there is still much confusion on exactly how these high level offices should operate.

There is a need for an Apostolic Father to rise up and lay out the pattern for the Apostles and Prophets of the End Times Church.

But who is worthy for such a task? And who is qualified to both teach and train such high level leaders?

Kings Are Not Always Found in Palaces

The greatest king of all time was born in a stable and was not brought up in the palace of a king. His father was a lowly carpenter, and his family nothing special.

God delights to take nothing and make something out of it. 

And God has raised up such a man to train and prepare His End Times Prophets and Apostles.

He came from lowly circumstances, was trained in obscurity, hidden away from view until the time was right, and is now becoming visible to train select leaders in the Body of Christ. 

Apostle Les D. Crause Is Now Available To Train God's Leaders

Apostle Les D. Crause

Over the past 16 years Les has remained hidden in Mexico, and during that time he has produced what has become the definitive standard for the training of the Fivefold Ministry. 

Not only has he put together training materials for the Fivefold Ministry, but he has also produced a host of books, dvd's and training manuals for all kinds of ministry and the spiritual life in general.

Many of those whom he has fathered and trained are now taking their place as leaders in the Body of Christ Universal. But until now that number has been limited.

The First Apostolic Family

God led Apostle Les and his wife Daphne to be spiritual parents to a group of leaders, and the original number turned out to be 12, just like the 12 disciples of Jesus. 

This was a training experience that successfully produced leaders who later scattered throughout the world, and most of those have gone on to become leaders in the Kingdom of God. 

But this was only a training phase, and God had a much greater vision in mind. He originally promised that Les and Daphne would be spiritual and apostolic parents to leaders in every nation, and that this group would number 400 like David's mighty men.

It Is Time To Raise Up The Mighty Men and Women

God has now released Les to become available to the hidden warriors that will become a mighty group of End Times Prophets and Apostles. 

These Apostles and Prophets will take their place as leaders in the Body of Christ internationally, and will help spearhead a move that will result in producing a Church that has never existed before. 

A New Pattern Needed

God is building a church unlike anything that has existed until now. And He has given Apostle Les the pattern for the building of this powerful and glorious End Times Church. 

The Apostle Paul many years ago presented principles that had never been understood before, which he called His Mystery of the Church.

In the same way, God has begun to reveal to Les a mystery concerning the Church of the End Times, that has never been revealed before. 

Now it is time to teach this mystery to those whom God has chosen to become part of a huge spiritual family, and to build the new church using the principles of that pattern.

Are You One of The Leaders of the End Times Church?

God has been preparing His leaders in secret, and making them ready to step into the highest level of Ministry Office as Apostles and Prophets of the New Church.

You know who you are, and you know that you need someone to train you to fully enter into that high calling that God has placed on you.

If you believe that you are called to be such a leader, then you may apply to be considered for training as an Elite Member of this new group of Apostolic and Prophetic Leaders.

The Lord has told Les to set the standard very high, and to accept only those who truly qualify and mean business with the Kingdom of God. So unless you are ready to pay the price, please do not even consider applying for such training.

If you believe that God has been raising you up for such a time, or sincerely desire to be a part of this, we invite you to fill in an application to be considered for personal training by Apostle Les. 

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